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Sally M. Chetwynd

This is an astonishingly comprehensive post on the subject of proper citations. It's a keeper, and it's going immediately into my files for future reference.

Carol Saller

Thanks, Sally! I aim to please. :)


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Steve Thornton


"It’s also normal to change British- or Canadian-style quotation marks to US style."

As a Canadian, and a writer, I take exception to this. Canadian quotation marks (double opening and closing, except for a quote within a quote) are exactly the same as American quotation marks. They just surround smarter words.

Carol Saller

Oh dear - I'm sorry! Thanks for pointing that out, Steve. While some Canadian publications use British-style punctuation, that doesn't make it Canadian! I have edited the post to clarify.

Steve Thornton

Thanks, Carol.
Love your blog. Copy editors rule!

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