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Sally M. Chetwynd

Call me old-fashioned or rigid - I accept that - but this whole gender-identity nonsense is doomed to get get more and more tangled until it's completely unfathomable, unless and until someone (a lot of us) stand up and point out the naked truth that the emperor has no clothes.

The gender-identity crisis has been deliberately manufactured, to socially and emotionally bankrupt our youth, our culture. As long as the rest of us kowtow and play the game, it will become so dominant and fractured that no one will be able to communicate clearly with anyone else. It's almost impossible now to sort out who wants to be called what. It's all a ploy to attract attention, in an effort to fill a gaping hole in one's soul. No amount of degenderization, regenderization, ungenderization, or multigenderization can or will ever satisfy. It's like greed: You can drown in money or food or power, but for the greedy, there's never enough of it.

"Themself," my foot! "Xe" and "xir" are equally absurd. My own alma mater now refers to graduates as "alumnx." Even accepting this whole mess, since when is "alumni" gender-specific? (Does the letter "i" have an offensive political agenda I'm ignorant of?) This virtue-signalling is nothing more than lip service, to avoid being attacked or cancelled or some other such vitriolic foolishness by power-hungry control freaks. The tail is wagging the dog, here! We're long overdue to stand up and say, "Enough!"

Let's apply the brains the good Lord gave us to good purpose, instead of submitting to this lunacy. We have enough problems to solve in the world without manufacturing more.

Carol Saller

Hey, if "old-fashioned" and "rigid" work for you, what more can I say?

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