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Spot on, Carol.

Jonathon Owen



Love this!


Sing it, sister!

Richard A Solomon

Look only for trees and you might miss the forest.

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Exactly! When I introduce myself and tell a person that I am an editor and the response I receive is, "Oh, so you fix grammar," I respond, "Yes, and..." and at that point I see the eyes glaze or look away, that person has been molded by the sticklers, and all I do as a profession is correct grammatical errors.


Love this post, and I'm not an editor! So glad Great Proofreading linked it.


Awesome. Worked as editor, proofreader, etc. most of my adult life. Not vain/dishonest enough to pretend I never miss anything. I can always spot them (when it's too late to change). I work on technical material, and it's possibly worse there. We don't really understand the material, so we lose ourselves in grammar, style, and so on. We'd do a much better job, if we could worry less about the trivialities of grammar/style and more about what's actually being said.

Patricia Boyd

A friend copyediting a novel for a self-publishing author told him that since the story was set in the 1950s, the protagonist would not have pulled out a cell phone in the bar. "Just stick to spelling and grammar," he told her. Some people truly fail to understand our function (or cannot take criticism!).


I totally agree.

I get frustrated by poor attention to spelling and grammar, but in most cases, this is matched by errors in translation (I am a translator and occasionally review the work of others) and other sloppy errors. That is more of a concern.

I also only ever comment on errors privately, if at all. I hate one-upmanship.

I agree with your choice of they. Those arguments also frustrate me, however yes, that is usually due to people failing to think about the social effect of words, or check authoritative sources...


Belated comment :)

My boss at work observed that "You can have perfectly copyedited gibberish." Without the real work that editors do, the fine details about punctuation and grammar don't actually matter.

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