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Or use a Mac and have built-in shortcuts:

Option+G: ©
Option+R: ®
Option+2: ™

Carol Saller

Thanks, Ashuttl--

I hope I didn't imply that the symbols aren't also built-in for the PC. You can see them in the graphic:

Alt+Control+C = ©
Alt+Control+R = ®
Alt+Control+T = ™

Sally Crawford

An en dash is dear to my heart.

I use the PC keyboard: type a hyphen, press the space key once, press the return, and the hyphen becomes an en dash.

Am Lees

Or you can use auto correct. I think my Word will change ( C ) into a copyright sign, for instance. To type an en dash, I type two hyphens, for an em dash, three (for this, of course, I had to set autocorrect to convert en dash hyphen to em dash, since it automatically will have converted the first two to an en dash).
It is also worth out checking the 'autoformat as you type' tab on the autocorrect pane.

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