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I follow your copyediting advice to the letter and ofter learn new things from reading your posts. So, I have to ask about this post's title.

"Break 'in to' copyediting"? "In to"? Shouldn't it be "into"?

Please let me now! I'm pulling my hair out with anxiety.

Carol Saller

Nimbifera, since "break in" is a phrasal verb, I didn't want to lose the "in" in "into," although in other cases, I'd agree with you ("break into a house"). Maybe others will weigh in.

(But if you really followed my advice, you wouldn't tear your hair over this stuff!)

Account Deleted

Carol is right. “Break in” and “break into” convey different meanings, thus the heading is technically correct. Cf. “Tune in to our station,” “I turned him in to the police,” bit “he turned into such a monster,” “I broke into tears.”

I’d probably use “academia” instead of “academe,” but that’s just a matter of personal choice. Also, there’s one semicolon that rubs me the wrong way. (Then again, most semicolons do.)

Great article, Carol!

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