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I'm all for this, but most of the books I edit come with chapter endnotes, created using the Word endnote function. As far as I can tell there's no way to combine documents like this without destroying the numbering and having to renumber the notes (and reenter the callouts) by hand. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!

Carol Saller

Rachel, I routinely renumber endnotes in my megafiles. In each section, simply choose "Restart each section" in the Footnotes and Endnotes box. --Carol


Thanks, Carol! I can get that far, but I can't insert a section break at the end of the endnotes. If I copy the endnotes into the main body of the document, I can then insert a section break, but copying them makes the numbering default back to "1" for each note. (I'm now obsessively googling trying to find a solution for this. :))

Patricia Boyd

Most of my publishers use separate files for chapters; one dear publisher puts them all into one big file. I have had no problems (now that I have a new computer) editing the big file. And Carol is right; all the cleanup goes much faster. The bigger question is, Why not encourage the publishers (and their contractors like copyeditors and typesetters) to work with one big file? But for those who want separate files, I always, at the start of a project, create a master file containing all the files. I actually color-code each chapter with a background according to the rainbow. Red = ch. 1; orange = ch. 2, yellow = ch. 3, etc. That way, when I'm globally searching, I can easily see what chapter a term is located. By the way, after I reach the end of the rainbow (are you following me on this, Dorothy?), I start again, only adding borders: red in a single border = ch 7, orange in a single border = ch 8, etc. It takes about 10 minutes, but it's way worth the time!

Valerie (Kyriosity)

I have certain advantages as an in-house editor for a nonprofit organization, one of which is that I can return multi-files back and ask the author to combine them.

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