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Darla-Jean Weaterford

Thanks for this timely observation; I'm editing a book that has erratic uses of "we" that I need to make consistent one way or the other. I think the author would prefer to use it consistently, but he's a bit hesitant. With Zimmer's comments, I wasn't sure how to advise him; with yours, I am.

Linda Seebach

I was an editorial writer at several newspapers, and the editors I worked for accepted the need for an editorial "we" (and unsigned editorials) because "I" would often be inaccurate if several people contributed to an editorial, or if the person who wrote the editorial disagreed with the newspaper's position (not common, but it happens). And "this newspaper" is entirely too stuffy, like referring to oneself in the third person. But the other side of their acceptance was strict observation of the rule that if the newspaper refers to itself in the plural as "we," it should not also use "we" to refer to other groups -- that is, not when it means "we Americans" or "we in Denver" or otherwise includes lots of people who disagree with whatever generalization we are making.

I discovered, when living abroad, that I generally said "we" about Americans when I was describing an opinion or a policy that I agreed with and "Americans" when I disagreed but realized mine was a minority view.


Politicians of any stripe who use "we" when they really mean "I" are especially annoying.

Madeline Koch

The problem I encounter frequently is that "we" within one article can refer to several different constituencies. I find it interesting that I don't seem to notice the confusion so much in stuff that I read or hear. But in stuff I edit -- well, I'm taking a break from editing one such piece in which I've just come across a third meaning in the same 1000 words... Back to the grindstone.

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