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Karen Douglass

I once watered a plant hanging over my laptop and watered the mother board! A friend recovered my files, but half of a short story was missing. I mourned and moved on. Last week, while cleaning up computer files, I found the finished version of that story on a memory stick. Wahoo! Bless the gods of backing up.


I cannot forget the loss of a silver ring that belonged to my grandfather. It was made from some coin that was like a dime, but it wasn't FDR's face. The face had been pushed out so it was more three dimensional. I lost it (or my roommate stole it) at Girls State. about 15 years ago.


Ahh, immediately my copy of Isaac Bashevis Singer's Stories for Children comes to mind. A gift from my parents, at my third (perhaps fourth or fifth) birthday, I sent it to myself at college in an overpacked box of books. The box arrived half-empty, and I don't even know what else I lost, but I still have a fantasy of a postman showing up some day with a ziploc bag, saying, "I believe this is yours."

Don Chinnici

Not entirely surprising that you make a habitual right when leaving a doorway: It's a very left-brain (logical) direction. :)

Susan Fine

This makes me think of Elizabeth Bishop's wonderful poem "One Art" -- "The art of losing isn't hard to master.."

Larry K

Referring to North Halsted as a street as straight as a survey laser is an unfortunate metaphor. North Halsted is the main street of Boystown, and to characterize it as straight may be good cartography but it's bad demography.

George Ernsberger

Lovely piece, meandering with purpose. Thanks.

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