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That has got to be the BEST 'gripe' I've ever read! Ha! So, you're welcome!

Lena Austin

LOL! I've reason to be grateful for my editor's legendary patience. Thank you.


My favorite was when a guy REFUSED to help me with my computer problem because I had an "unauthorized" software conflicting with theirs - fair enough.

But before he hung up he recited some completely nonsensical script to me along the lines of "I hope you've found us very helpful today."

Helpful? Hello?! The sentence made ZERO sense given our prior conversation -- and served only to irritate me further.


OK, I just this second finished a call with AT&T, and that was her shpiel exactly. I mean, *exactly.*

Jonell Galloway

What a good attitude you have!

Lida Baker

I don't know which is more irritating, the blather at the end of a conversation, as described by the author, or the way so many companies require their employees to answer the phonenowadays: HellothankyouforcallingXMart, howmayweprovideyouwithexcellentservicetoday?



Not to mention the boilerplate "This call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance." I get it -- your supervisor is probably listening in. Let's get to the task at hand, shall we?

Alex Jenkins

Pardon my ignorance, but what does "Stat!" mean?

Carol Saller

"Stat" is short for "statim," Latin for "immediately." (You might recall it being barked all the time by doctors on the TV show ER.) --Carol

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