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Allen Hartman

The other side of the proverbial coin is the English language seems to be changing in a direction that resembles computer generated speech. It seems to be more formulaic and to eschew verbs in a weird sort of e-prime to the 3 power. I am encouraged that recently, I saw the trend reversing in my youngest daughter. She has discovered online sites where she can indulge in creative writing. Suddenly the child whose communication often consisted of "U there"?, is concerned with structure, the impact of works, and yes, even grammar.

George Ernsberger

Hm-m. What kind of therapist was that?

Helen Newman

Love this site!!


Oh, how I hate robot operators that try to sound warm and friendly. They're not fooling anyone at all, and I just find myself irritated at the effort. I think they fall into the uncanny valley of synthesized speech.


Contrary to popular belief, those calls truly are recorded for quality control purposes! I worked at a call centre and they eavesdropped on a significant proportion of our calls and fired people who didn't follow the scripts closely enough. Terrifying.

I just stumbled across this blog and I'm really enjoying it :)

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