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There are subtle differences. I often wish for the stars. I wish often, almost daily, for the stars. The last sentence seems to indicate more urgency, needing a qualifier to make more sense, while the first, seems more casual - a throw away line if you will.


Just a copy-editing note: watch your subject-verb agreement!

"Although word order is determined by categories (e.g., size, then shape, then color), attempts at mapping the categories ***has*** yet to accurately predict actual usage beyond the basics."

Carol Saller

(Fixed!) Thanks, Cat(?).

Jane Steen

I'm glad you raised the point. A great deal of English-language business material originates from people whose first language is not English. When you edit them, they often want to know why you have made changes, and it can be very hard to explain the nuances of changes in syntax. Any help from CMOS is appreciated.

Another thing I've noticed is pushback on American typographical conventions, which are not always logical and are often at odds with European conventions. Just this morning I was considering writing a page on common differences to send to clients BEFORE I begin editing and we get into the why-did-you-delete-those-spaces discussion.

George Ernsberger

Well, yes, but . . . jeez. Do people no longer bother to be surprised and delighted when Subversive's answer is 3 times as thoughtful and tactful and charming than the question leads us (well, me) to expect? Are we just that used it, now?

George Ernsberger

AS the question, damnit. Oh--look at that! Preview, it offered me. Aw-w, man.

Carol Saller

George, you are so adorable.

George Ernsberger

Yeah, well. The unexpected side trip into linguistics was fun, and your stuff is always worth our attention, and it seemed worthwhile to work up a way of saying thanks that would be worth yours. But while I was hammily tugging at my forelock and all I was screwing up my mash note--more than once. I just now saw my missing TO--used TO it. Lord! Next time I'll see if I can achieve simple and straightforward. Maybe even concise.

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