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Mary Ellis

Excellent, entertaining article.

Maria Boyer

Point well made, and humorous too! Thanks for sharing!

Richard Beattie

I always enjoy your blog, so thanks for that, but I think you should poison the last paragraph in this bit. Cheers.

Rick Moskovitz

Fun article. I own a green pest control company in a Chicago suburb (Skokie), A-Plus, & even when I am out socializing people are always coming to me & saying, "I have these little black bugs at home. What should I do?" I always give them free advise. Did you ever go to a party & ask a doctor to diagnose the pain in your arm? In any case, It's OK. I am always willing to help. Keep asking me.


Superb! Makes the point :)...


Yes, we learned ants have waists. Because insects have a three part body (like us), while arachnids have a 2 part body. One of the ways to differentiate them.
Now, whether we were all awake in biology class to learn it, I won't speak to. ;-)


Great anecdote. :-)

In German “it” and “them”, in that very specific context, are actually the same word, “sie”. (Well, at least the same spelling and pronunciation.)


Funny story. It could also come under the heading of asking the right question. :-)

I used to get ants every rainy season. Each time, I easily traced them back to where they were getting into the living space of the house--a gap in the drywall or whatever--and sealed it with caulk or putty. Problem solved without using poison. Those gaps are still sealed so now I rarely get ants.

Mary C

I am sitting hear smiling even though I have spent the last 3 hours trying to find the rigth words for my coahcing challenge this week - thank you for lifting my spirits


Ha! BTW, aspertame kills most kinds of ants. Just saying.


Nice post! To be fair, you never said you wanted to kill the ant. The employee assumed this. It is possible that you wanted the right kind of poison for that specific ant to... hold over its head as a threat?

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