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"Don’t waste a writer’s time by continually asking for approval."

Unless, of course, you're working with tech authors (often more tech than author) who only pay attention to queries and assume whatever else you're doing with the English is just fine. Queries like "change okay?" are often the only way to get them* to focus on a passage and make sure that the edit didn't distort the meaning.

* Individual authors may vary.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf

Sensible advice.

Karen H.

My advice is always to query to require action of the author. Otherwise they often don't know what to do. I've queried "Update available for in press item?" and gotten back the answer, "Yes." Now I say, "If published, please provide year and page range."


I like your style, i.e., using "copy editor" and "copyeditor newbies," but why "copyeditor's creed"? Did I catch an error? Do I win a T-shirt?! Just another bored copy editor ribbin' a colleague . . .

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