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Stan Carey

"I found myself flossing during my workout. (I’m not making that up. And yes, I did find muscles I never knew I had.)"

Between your teeth?

I'm very fussy about music while I work. Silence is my usual setting, but if there's to be music I choose something ambient. This can mean anything from classical to electronica.


NPR's science friday recently aired a story on multitasking.

Rosemary Hulce

Your statement that "multitasking is the very definition of copyediting" threw me a little. I have raised two boys and still don't consider myself a good multitasker, and I always maintained that one of the reasons copyediting suits me well is that I am, well, a somewhat linear thinker...


I think my favorite thing in this post is the disclaimer. In fact, I may steal it if you don't mind. ;-)

(Just stumbled across your blog today in Twitter. It makes for a good read!)


I discovered years ago that whether it was reading or writing, I could not listen to music with words in English if I wanted to do the job. Most instrumental music is OK, a different story altogether. And if the words are not in English, they are just part of the instrumental music to me. Italian opera can make me more productive.

How many manuscripts have you run into with the characteristic problems of dictation software?

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