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Go, Sis! I'm glad that you're blogging. And how did I not know that you got an e-reader?

Penny Scribbler

I can't help but point out that according to Web 11, "google" used as a verb is lowercased. Does CMOS differ? I bet you can guess what I do for a living.

Patrick K. Lackey

So what are your ferrets' names?

Carla Lomax

There's no privacy on the Internet. However, you can either: (1) Use a false name/e-mail address/phone when tweeting or FB'ing or anything else, or (2) if someone asks, merely state, "That's the other Carol Saller."

There's is so much misinformation floating around the Internet that I figure no one can really be sure of anything.

Panda.... rawr

I'm an ass... i never thought abotu the privacy of others on my facebook


I’m glad about every false-positive a search for my name returns—each means an extra bit of privacy for me to cherish.

There is one guy with my name who plays soccer in a club. I’ve had gleeful moments imagining how some less advanced data mining tool tries to fit that to my abhorrence of the game.

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